This is Hamburg Niendorf

The Beach at Bayernweg
Yes this is real sand! Even though it’s small Niendorf does have a beach. It’s by the lake at Bayernweg and is especially nice during the summer. You can relax with friends while having a drink during a round of Boccia. Feels just like the Côte d’Azur.

The Niendorfer enclosure
The „Niendorfer Gehege“ is very popular. You can feed deers oder visit the playground. The long route takes you the famous Waldcafe Corel, which is a must. The cozy log cabin has been there since 1981 and is managed by the second generation of the founder family.
You can have a nice picknick on wooden tables on the patio outside. Children love the the little ponyfarm next to it.

The Kollo trail leads from the north of Niendorfs, along the course of the stream, which is a part of the district border, down to the enclosure. Here you can enjoy the peace and quit of remoteness. If you want to, you can follow the trail up to Tarpenbek and from there walk all the way to the Alster.

The Chucrh by the marketplace
A landmark for Niendorf is the evangelical-lutheran church.
It is the second major Baroque building in Hamburg, right after the Michel.

Famous Niendorfer citizens
Celebrity residents and visitors frequent through Niendorf all the time.

For example: Til Schweiger has been living for a long time in a beautiful mansion in the Niendorfer enclosure and still visits the Waldcafé Corell sometimes.
A true Niendorfer is Ex- Soccerstar and Coach Stefan Effenberg, who was born and raised here.

In the 1960 moved literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki into a „modest and small apartment“ at Ubierweg. Rockstar Suzi Quatro has been enjyoing married live in Niendorf for years. And Niels Grötsch and Kristoffer Hünecke, the two guitaristsof the band Revolverheld, a real Niendorfer. Niendorf just very inspiring! Niels Frevert eternalized the Niendorfer enclosure in the song of the same name and Ildiko von Kürthy wrote the book „Herzsprung“ which stands as a memory of Niendorf.

We thank you for your attention and wish you a pleasant
stay in our nest.

Your host